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Karl McMichael
“You can never go wrong bringing a child up in the hunting, fishing, and outdoor lifestyle.”

Being born and raised in rural Georgia long before the creation of the pc, cell phone, pager, internet (gasp!) or any form of “social media” allowed the author the opportunity to live a young life OUTDOORS. Real friends were made. Complete days were spent on “Spyder bikes”, stopping for “dinner” now called lunch, at whoever’s house we happened to be at the time, carrying our Red Ryder BB guns and drinking water from whatever garden hose or “hose pipe” we came across. Yes, we shot each other with BB guns. Nobody got their eyes shot out. We fought when we got mad at each other and when we finished, we were still best friends. We ate fried bologna sandwiches. We got a severe butt whipping when we disobeyed, back-talked an elder, or said a bad word. We went to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, and to Boy Scout meetings on Tuesday night. We were taught how to handle a firearm at a young age. We were taught how to hunt, to skin and prepare a rabbit, squirrel, or quail and eat it. We were taught respect for our country, for God, for parents, and for family.

This upbringing has lasted, and protected the author throughout his life, and helped to put a lasting, life long love for the outdoors, the shooting sports, and a strong burning desire and love for hunting and fishing. Deep respect for God, country, and family were instilled and burned into his personality from a very young age. Nicknames like “The big friendly guy” or later on the ” Old pleasant guy” reflect the personality of someone who has a deep respect for what matters in life – God, country, family, work, and the outdoors.





These deep roots are reflected from family research done to reveal ancestry all the way to the often mis- understood and somewhat lost tribe of native Americans, the Timucua. These people lived in the swamps of northern Florida and South Georgia and may very well be the reason for the author’is love of the swamp. And later in life, wonderful years spent hunting and exploring Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Nebraska, and Colorado enhanced the love for all of God’s creation and developed an even deeper respect for the land, the animals, and the gift of the outdoors. It is the author’s constant prayer and hope that we pass along that love and respect to the next generations to come.




Gabe Johnson and
the Three Toed Bear

by Karl McMichael

Gabe Johnson’s hand to hand combat struggle with a huge black bear might leave you in suspense. Josiah Taylor, Master Trapper, might have you begging for more. And a story of a Cheyenne brave might leave you in tears. Gabe Johnson and the Three Toed Bear….And More Short Stories of the hunt is a must read!

Short Stories of the Hunt

by Karl McMichael

Growing up in the swamps and pines of middle Georgia, the author developed a strong bond with the outdoors and all the wonders it brings. Later in life, many years were spent in Eastern Wyoming chasing mule deer, antelope, and an occasional elk.

With Ancestral roots going deep into the Timucua tribe of native Americans, the love of the land spoke deep to his soul. The hopes and dreams of passing this love to future generations is what promoted the writing of this book.

Matt’s Story: The Paradox / Divine Intervention

As told by: Jim Boyd

Irresistible Force – Immovable Object: The Paradox

An immovable object is an object whose motion cannot be changed by any force, except possibly by an unstoppable force (see below).
An unstoppable force is a force strong enough to change the motion of any object, except possibly an immovable object (see above).

READ the full story HERE

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Let’s Go Hunting

Let's Hunt Bear in South Georgia!

Bear Run Hunt

I gotta spill the beans on a little secret I bet most of you don’t know about. GIANT black bears in south Georgia, yes SOUTH Georgia. I I’ve been lucky enough to take a couple of bruins at a great place called “Bear Run hunts.” You can contact them through Facebook and on their website at BearRunHunts.com. My biggest from down there went well over 350 pounds, and is a life size mount gracing the lodge at Bear Run. If you love hunting big black bears, aren’t afraid of the south Georgia SWAMP, like seeing bear, hogs, deer, gators, bobcats, and wampus cats right at dark, you should go hunt with Jamie Steadley at Bear Run!


Elk hunting tip?

Kentucky elk permits

Yes, I applied today, May 1st (they extended the application dates I think because applicants don’t like the process and they didn’t fill their quota of ten dollar bills) but I sent the great state of Kentucky another ten bucks. Heck, I spent more than that last month on Mega Millions!!! And what did I win? The same thing that I will win when they draw the “FIREARMS BULL TAG FOR SEASON ONE” !!!! Doesn’t that sound lovely? “THE FIREARMS BULLS TAG FOR SEASON ONE!” – just had to say it one more time. Well, let me ask you this – Did you put in for the lotto? If you did, what would you do? My gosh after I picked myself up off the floor, I would be in a temporary state of shock and total disbelief. And then, here’s the recommendation from old white beard himself……

RESEARCH!!!!! Travel to Kentucky if you can. Talk to folks. Find out who is the best dog gone elk outfitter in the state and go hire them! Pay the deposit and get them to help you, after all, this will most likely be a once in a lifetime tag! And if you do draw, PLEASE send a picture to PINEYDRAW.COM and brag – heck just brag on getting the permit, much less the giant bull you’re gonna bring home.

One thing another old timer told me – at least about Mega Millions – you cain’t win if yer don’t play boy!

Planning and Planting

Food plot preparation

Here in the south, we hunt food plots. I can tell you from years (and years and dollars spent) of experience, doing the right things ahead of time will make all the difference in the world for yours. The first, and probably foremost thing to do is to get a soil sample done. Most county extension agents will do them for you OR the fine folks at Whitetail Institute can help out. They are a phone call away from excellent advice on what, when, where, why on planting the best food plots for your area. Of course, they want you to buy some of their awesome products, but even if you lean towards something different, you still need to test the soil. Once you do, you can determine how much lime you need to apply to get the PH correct so you can really grow something worthwhile. We typically apply lime on our plots at the “home place farm” about every two or three years. After that, it’s up to you to decide what you want to plant.

We have had EXCELLENT success with a product called “Big N’ Beasty” from a company called “Frigid Forage.” Even though it is a brassica blend for northern climates, we have found it to be very drought tolerant, and the deer absolutely love it. It lasts all fall and winter, handles extreme grazing well, and just simply works. Combine that with some Imperial Whitetail clover, and in my honest opinion, you have a food plot that can’t be beat.

We typically apply about 300 pounds per acre of triple 13 fertilizer before planting, disc it in, then apply the seed and follow the instructions provided.

Another great product we have had amazing success with is “Eagle Bean” soybeans. Made for grazing and designed to be drought tolerant as well, these beans have been truly a deer magnet for us for the last few years. I strongly recommend them if, and only if, you can plant large enough fields to allow enough beans to grow without being totally consumed. We normally plant them in three to five acre fields minimum, and typically in three or more fields of that size on the same property.

Experiment! Give it a try! The older I get the more I am enjoying the food plots about as much as I do the hunting! Maybe you will too.

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Whitetail Deer

True world class whitetail deer hunting.

If you are looking for true world class whitetail deer hunting, get in touch with us right away. We have access to hunting in Illinois and Ohio on land that is not hunted by television celebrities and not advertised very much at all. The farms in both states are 140″ and 150″ minimum depending on the particular tract. These are absolutely the best pieces of property that I have ever been on, bar none. Shoot me an email at Karl@pineydraw.com and let me know if you are interested.

Do you own a Henry?

After Karl’s done, you might.

Karl’s opinion is that a Henry is one of the finest rifles ever made. And, he has some great plans for this 45/70 for this fall!

Wyatt Hills Preserve

Tallapoosa River in Alabama

If you are looking for a GREAT place to get away for a few days, hunt preserve pheasant, chukar, and quail, eat like a king, and enjoy the lazy Tallapoosa River in Alabama, then you might want to consider Wyatt Hills Preserve. Great food, great dogs, plenty of birds, and great lodging make this place really special.

They are also set up for corporate retreats and can accommodate large numbers of people to overnight. Give our friend, Harry Hill, a call at 205-965-3610

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