Name: Jim Boyd

Born: Rural North Carolina

Currently lives : Lexington, South Carolina

Jim Boyd is a lifelong outdoorsman, hunter and fisherman.
His early childhood began with a .22 rifle, a 410 shotgun and a cane pole. Deer were almost unheard of in rural North Carolina in the 60’s, so the early days in the woods were spent in pursuit of squirrels, rabbits, quail and dove.  Fishing remained as a lifelong passion, but Jim did not become a big game hunter until the early 80’s, taking up rifle and archery simultaneously. These days finds Jim as an archery only hunter – although at 60 years old, he is relegated to a crossbow after decades of using a standard compound bow.
Jim spent almost two decades in south Florida, where he met his wife, Jo-Elaine. They frequented the central Bahamas for big game fishing, scuba diving and spearfishing using the traditional snorkel and pole spear on their small sport fish boat Too-Tripper VII.
Jim and Jo-Elaine moved in 2005 and now live in Lexington, SC. They enjoy boating and fishing on Lake Murray and at the coast near Beaufort, SC.

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