Accurate bow hunting begins long before that first shot at a deer, bear, or boar. Nothing replaces preparation, and here at Piney Draw, we strongly recommend getting an expert involved in setting up your bow, your sight, your stabilizer, etc. At Karl’s Korner, we use a great fellow by the name of Jeff Dixon, owner of 2nd Chance Archery, located in Cumming, GA. Jeff’s website is I recently made the switch from a very popular, great line of bows over to Obsession Archery, and am I ever glad I did. Their bows really work well for me. You may be different and like another brand, and there are several great bows on the market these days. But, nothing beats the initial set up, and Jeff is the best I have ever seen. He spent almost an entire day setting up my bow FOR ME, tuned it in, had me shoot it MANY TIMES, sometimes with my eyes closed (yes!) and I could not be happier with the results. Feel free to give Jeff a call and get him to help you with a setup, a problem with your shooting, OR to set you up with a new bow. You will be glad you did.

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