Buck Muscle Crumble

Buck Muscle Crumble is one of the feed varieties that Buck Muscle offers. Within the Crumble form, everything a buck needs to grow to his largest mass is within this 16 percent Whole Grain Feed. The consumption of the Crumble form is off the charts. A satisfied Buck Muscle customer stated that they’re seeing up to 400 percent in increased consumption, verses their old feed.

Buck Muscle feed being a whole grain feed sets itself apart from every other feed on the market by having no bi-products. 99% of other feeds on the market contain Bi-products as their number one ingredient. This means that the main ingredient is the remainder of a processed grain. They took or processed out all the good of the grain and used the cheap bi-product in the feed. Offering Whole Grain means we can have a lower protein rate, but retain better results. Because in university studies deer can only use between 9-16% protein to grow its largest antlers. At 16% protein, we’re growing larger deer at faster rates than people can with 20+% protein feeds.

In order for the deer to grow and gain antler mass, they are in taking Vitamins and minerals, that are within Buck Muscle Crumble. The vitamin package and Calcium to Phosphorus ratio is where the product really shines. Because of the vitamins and minerals, the deer are in taking, this is allowing the deer to grow to their maximum capacity, while staying healthy and gaining antler growth. Vitamin b12 is what is the game changer for the feed. It increases the deer’s appetite, while making what the deer eat more digestible.

For all hunters that call themselves the stereotypical “Meat hunter”, we’ve won them over as well. We have several Deer Clubs that feed Buck Muscle not only appreciate extra antler, but love the way their deer taste after being on the buck Muscle program. Customers have gone from buying one-two tons, to asking for an increased membership to receive ten tons plus, for their club. All this, and they still do not care if it increases the deer’s antlers size. Customers have reported that deer that have been fed Buck Muscle, is the best meat they have ever tasted.

This product has surprised us the most, in the fact that our customers have went from feeding it in their feeders, to using it in place of food plots as well. Numerous hunters are killing deer, where it’s legal, right over the product. So far in this short dry 2016 season, the only hunters who seem to be having a fun and successful season, are the ones on the Buck Muscle program. Some are even calling it “Food plot in a bag” for reasons being weather dependent or sure practicality of a green food plot.

With this being said, we stand behind our product, and know without a doubt that Buck Muscle is the best feed on the Market.

How do our other products fit in the mix? Read on.

Buck Muscle Pellets

Other then all the reasons listed for the Buck Muscle Crumble The pellets best reason for it being such a great product is we added nothing to the feed for it to hold in a pellet form. All we are doing is taking the Buck Muscle crumble and running it through a pellet mill. This is great because we did not have to add a bonding agent like molasses for the feed to hold in pellet form. Bonding agents added to make pellets can contain un natural ingredients that do not belong in a deer feed.

So with this product we cover every feeder on the market. You can feed the pellets in Trough, gravity a spin cast feeder. So the feed offers all the Whole Grain plus of the crumble and is pressed in a pellet for to fit in every feeder on the market.

Buck Muscle Energy

We developed this feed to be fed during the fall and early winter months. This product is a high energy, whole grain feed that is easily digested. Buck Muscle Energy has an increase in the mineral package, in order to help the deer during the stress and illness that occurs in the fall and winter. This feed is the only available in pellet form so it can be used in all feeders. This feed is formulated and priced to compete with whole corn prices while offering the deer everything they need to thrive during breeding season.

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